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Dec. 15, 2022

California Native Plants with Naomi Fraga

California Native Plants with Naomi Fraga

California is home to 6,500 native plant species, including some that are truly iconic, like coast redwoods, giant sequoias, bristlecone pines, and California poppies. If you're like me, you have a lot of questions about this wide variety of plants, like: What is it that makes native plants so important? What's the difference between a native plant and an endemic one? Why are some plants more beneficial for wildlife than others? How many rare plants do we have in California? What's important to know about gardening with natives?  How can we each help increase biodiversity in our own neighborhoods and beyond?

In this episode, join me and botanist Naomi Fraga from the California Botanic Garden as we discuss native plants, Global Biodiversity Hotspots, why some parts of the Mojave Desert are so wet, how to survive fieldwork in Death Valley, the swampy past of Los Angeles, and what each of us can do to ensure that the botanical richness of our state continues for generations to come. 

Rare plants mentioned by Naomi: 

Amargosa Niterwort 

Tecopa Bird's-Beak

Aphyllon Validum (rock creek broomrape) 

Kelso Creek Monkeyflower 


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