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March 3, 2022

Geology with Nate Manley

Geology with Nate Manley

Ever wondered how California was formed? Or why there's a mountain range on each side of the state with a big, flat valley in the middle? Or what makes the San Andreas fault so unique and so infamous? This episode will answer all of those questions and SO MANY MORE. Join Nate and I on a hike around Folsom Lake, where we checked out some very odd granodiorite and discussed everything from plate tectonics to earthquakes to the best places to see great geology all across the state. 

This page from the National Park Service does an amazing job explaining transform plate boundaries and adding a lot of great visuals to what Nate and I discussed. Check it out!,Pacific%20and%20North%20American%20plates.

The theme song is a shortened version of the song "i dunno" by grapes. Here's the link to the song and creative commons license:

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