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March 23, 2023

Growing Native Plants from Seed with Julia Michaels

Growing Native Plants from Seed with Julia Michaels

Have you ever wanted to grow your own native plants? Where can you get California native seeds? Should you sow them directly in the ground or start them in pots? Is there anything you should do to the seeds before planting them? What time of year should they be planted? How should the soil be prepared? What are some common mistakes to avoid? What are some good plants to start with? Is this the end of the lawn as we know it?

Join me and restoration ecologist Dr. Julia Michaels as we explore Hedgerow Farms, which grows native wildflower and grass seed for ecological restoration projects. In the first half of the episode, learn how native seed is produced on a large scale at the farm, and in the second half, find out how you can use native seeds to grow thriving native plants and increase the biodiversity of your own backyard.


Hedgerow Farms: So much California native seed!

Bloom California: Find a local native plant nursery.

Calscape: California native plant landscaping tool.

Calflora: Database providing information on California native plants in the wild.

Lost Beneath Lake Berryessa: More information on the Monticello Dam and the town of Monticello! Also photos by Dorothea Lange.

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