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March 17, 2022

Part One: Salmon with Jason Fareira

Part One: Salmon with Jason Fareira

Ok, what's the deal with salmon? Why are they so vital to almost all of the organisms that live near their nesting grounds? What is a hatchery? Why are dams so controversial? What kinds of conditions do salmon need to thrive? How do these fish find their way back to the very rivers where they first hatched? 

In this episode, I take a walk with naturalist and Fish and Wildlife employee Jason Fareira along the American River near the Nimbus Hatchery in Folsom, California. Jason introduces me to the basics of salmon reproduction, shows me how to look for signs of salmon nests (known as redds), points out the varied and beautiful birds along the river, and so much more. 

The next episode will contain the full interview with Jason, and it's SO GOOD. Stay tuned for that in two weeks! 

In the meantime, explore these links to learn more about salmon and their importance in riparian (river adjacent) ecosystems as well as other mentions from the episode: 

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