Golden State Naturalist

A wise and generous exploration of California natural history

I love learning new things about the natural world, and Michelle’s interviews deliver this in spades, but even more, I love being invited into another person’s learning process. The best thing about the structure of each podcast is the way Michelle takes you along with her on her investigation. She selects fascinating topics and dives into them with gusto, interviewing engaging guests and then adding the results of her own investigations. She is open-minded and always questioning her assumptions, doubling back to add new insights and new avenues of exploration.

Michelle is also deeply respectful and clearly puts a lot of thought and energy into the topics she chooses and the people whose voices are represented on the show.

I can’t wait for all of the new discussions ahead!

Dec. 22, 2022 by robinleecarlson on Apple Podcasts

Golden State Naturalist