Golden State Naturalist

Virtual Field Trips—Who Knew?

I’m a big fan of Michelle’s program, The Golden State Naturalist, for several reasons. First, it’s well-produced but approachable—meaning, it’s easy to listen to because of Michelle’s delivery style, it’s well-structured, and it offers great opportunities to learn. Second, the variety of expertise she delivers to her listeners through her guests is breathtaking. Third, every time each episode begins, I get that giddy feeling I always had when I got to go on a school field trip to some exotic place where I knew I was going see or learn something very, very cool.

If you need another reason to listen, try this. I live in Vermont—about as far as one can get from California without leaving the continental US—and I look forward to every episode!

Well done, Michelle. I know how much work goes into publishing all those episodes—nice work and thanks!

Jan. 2, 2023 by Steven Shepard on Apple Podcasts

Golden State Naturalist