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Golden State Naturalist


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Love it!

I have listened to different podcasts for several years, and I just discovered this one. I love it! She goes in depth and explains everything. I am learning so much! Keep it up!

One of my favorite podcasts!

Michelle does an excellent job and truly has a passion for the natural world, great interviews with awesome people, I really like her focus on native plants!

Like a letter from home

I grew up in Sonoma county and have lived all over the world over the past 8 years, stuck in New England for the past 6. I’ve still never found the connection I have to California’s magical ecology despite my efforts to root wherever I find myself. I think that’s something that only comes from being a baby on Sonoma’s coast, in the redwoods and inland black oak forests. Despite my efforts I still havent been able to relocate back to Northern California (somehow I’ve found myself in just the right nook of academia that makes that hard!), and this podcast has been like curling up with the most nurturing blanket from home. It assuages my homesickness and brings me closer to that deep connection to California ecology in a way that nothing else has, and taught me about a million things I didn’t know before. Would give 10 stars if I could- this pod is a treasure.


Michelle’s podcasts are informative and charming. Anyone living in California should absolutely *not* sleep on this opportunity to learn more about this place we call home. For me though, even more than the details of the specific learning in each pod—which I am here for!—each episode expresses desire for intimacy with the natural word: the stars, the butterflies, the trees, the living earth we stand on. I share this desire and curiosity, and this podcast helps me feel connected to a part of our shared humanity that is often suppressed by the daily grind. I quit my Audible subscription so I could contribute to her Patreon. It’s that good!

Virtual Field Trips—Who Knew?

I’m a big fan of Michelle’s program, The Golden State Naturalist, for several reasons. First, it’s well-produced but approachable—meaning, it’s easy to listen to because of Michelle’s delivery style, it’s well-structured, and it offers great opportunities to learn. Second, the variety of expertise she delivers to her listeners through her guests is breathtaking. Third, every time each episode begins, I get that giddy feeling I always had when I got to go on a school field trip to some exotic place where I knew I was going see or learn something very, very cool. If you need another reason to listen, try this. I live in Vermont—about as far as one can get from California without leaving the continental US—and I look forward to every episode! Well done, Michelle. I know how much work goes into publishing all those episodes—nice work and thanks!

CA Naturalist is fun!

Super fun and entertaining! But above all, informative in the best way possible. A must listen for anyone interested in native plants, botany, or the environment.

A wise and generous exploration of California natural history

I love learning new things about the natural world, and Michelle’s interviews deliver this in spades, but even more, I love being invited into another person’s learning process. The best thing about the structure of each podcast is the way Michelle takes you along with her on her investigation. She selects fascinating topics and dives into them with gusto, interviewing engaging guests and then adding the results of her own investigations. She is open-minded and always questioning her assumptions, doubling back to add new insights and new avenues of exploration. Michelle is also deeply respectful and clearly puts a lot of thought and energy into the topics she chooses and the people whose voices are represented on the show. I can’t wait for all of the new discussions ahead!

My vote for the podcast of the year 2022!

The Golden State Naturalist wins my vote for podcast of the year, 2022. It is the podcast California needs and deserves. Michelle Fullner's compelling exploration of California's natural world is adventurous, invested, and respectful and her vibe is as unique as it is refreshing. In the 18 well-produced and entertaining episodes of the podcast's first year, the throughline of the story being told is indicative of a California-in-the-making that is hopeful, curious, and compassionate. With style and science, equitable representation, and a kind of joyous ease, the Golden State Naturalist is poised to only get bigger as the word spreads and I, for one, can't wait to tune in for what is next.

Awesome podcast

Michelle has very well researched, clearly explained, and entertaining interviews with various scientists, educators, and enthusiasts who are experts in the natural sciences and resources of our beautiful state! My only gripe is that she didn’t start it 2 years ago so I could find it last week and binge it for the next 6 months. 🤣🤣it’s basically everything I wanted in a podcast about California. And Michelle does such a great job with it. I’m in the truck like 4 hours a day so I listen to a lot of podcasts, and there’s a lot that are great for information, and a lot that are entertaining, and a lot that are easy to follow, but she hits that sweet spot for all of it! Go check it out, give her a listen, maybe you’ll learn something! I know I am.


I love it

A look into how we connect with CA Nature!

Simply wonderful, each episode dives into interesting topics on what makes California unique, what the cool interviewee is doing to promote them, and how we all can learn to connect to our homes by understanding them more!

Glad I Found You

Can’t say enough to encourage others with an interest in the natural history of CA to listen. The interviews, the editorial asides, the show notes, the subjects, Michelle’s optimistic tone all contribute to what make this show both a real pleasure and a source of excellent information. Please keep it going!

My favorite nature podcast

This podcast is a gem! It’s so amazing to finally have a great podcast that talks about ecology and nature. Thank you for making this podcast 💚

(Full)filled by the wanderlust Michelle Fullner

She takes you on a fulfilled adventure though the state of California with knowledge you can’t pass up knowing. Highly recommend taking a listen.

Glad I Found You

Interesting, illuminating, uplifting. Please keep it going.

Recover your wonder and curiosity!

Michelle’s voice is brimming with genuine curiosity and wonder! If you thought you knew a lot about California, wait till you find out how much more there is to discover in every one of these episodes.

Fun and informative!

Michelle’s experience in education, combined with her contagious energy and curiosity, is the perfect backdrop for this fun and informative podcast. Each episode is a unique, expert-guided adventure that makes you fall more in love with the golden state, and our home planet for that matter. Highly recommend for west coasters as well as those from out of state looking to learn more about the region.

Such an incredible podcast

Every episode is incredible and full of info. Follow, listen and learn. 💛💙💚❤️

Love it!

If you love Nature, this show is for you! Everyone who calls themselves a Californian should listen to this show!

This podcast kinda changed my life!

Michelle is such a great host, enthusiastic listener and fabulous teacher this podcast has helped me refocus my interests and really get back to nature. I have recommended this podcast to many and shall continue to do so! Such great work. Thanks!

Mind food for laundry folding time

If you are anything like me, it’s important to feed your brain while doing the mundane tasks regular life is filled with. Michelle has built a rad podcast for just that! She interviews interesting people and asks insightful questions about the bountiful diversity of California’s natural world. Even better, she has a great podcasting voice and her pure joy and infectious curiosity come across loud and clear. I can’t wait to hear what interviews she has cooked up for season 2.

Easy listening and in depth learning!

Michelle does such a great job weaving in facts, story telling and engaging listeners. Each episode is painted with vivid imagery. She does a great job bringing you along for the ride. Can wait for season 2!

Excellent information

We just listened to the episode about the Sutter Butte’s. It was informative and respectful and very well done. The quality of this podcast is outstanding!

Excellent show for lovers of natural history!

After listening to several episodes of this show, I’ve learned so much about California’s creatures and ecosystems. Michelle’s measured but enthusiastic tone is perfect for taking us through the nuances of the world around us, and placing us firmly in the mountains, wetlands, deserts and forests where each episode takes place. Add in the excellent roster of knowledgeable guests, and the show is like a field guide for your ears!

Just all around informative and fun!

I just love this podcast! I listened to the Beaver one tonight. My favorite moment was when Michelle outed herself about having no idea where Ellesmere Island was and saying “wow” anyway during a conversation. It was a very relatable human moment. The podcast itself is great! I appreciate her humor and love how she asks and/or answers the really basic questions so that naturalist neophytes can follow along. The ability to make learning about nature and science approachable is a great skill. Awesome!!


I am a certified California naturalist, and I heard about this podcast from someone on Facebook. I’m so glad I found it. Michelle does a great job. I really enjoyed the salmon and beaver episodes. And the one about Sutter Buttes! It’s all great! Looking forward to future episodes.

Golden Gate Naturalist

Have been listening since I heard about this podcast from my friend Briagha. As a docent with the Solano Land Trust with a special interest in lichen and oaks, I especially enjoyed the 4/28 Oaks episode. Besides learning so much from the interviews, I really enjoy Michelle’s interrupting them with google searches, etc. to further expound on the topic, as well as her personal asides!

The journey begins

I heard about you on FB in a Calif. native plant group, in addition to all of the spot on info from that group, THIS was so very needed! After watching a 45 minute video from Doug Tallamy, I’m sold on how even me with my tiny little patio and courtyard, I could make a difference. I’ve managed to witness 3 monarch butterflies emerge from the milkweed I have on my patio (I currently have 3 more in chrysalis), I have seen native TINY wasps, big bumble bees, birds foraging in my courtyard garden and I’m hooked! Anyways…this podcasts makes me happy, so very helpful, and affirming that I’m on the right track! Thank you!

Fun and educational

I LOVE this podcast so far! It’s like the “Ologies” for California ecology. I’ve learned so much and love hearing from experts from my own state. There is so much knowledge to glean about our natural world and I’m so grateful for Michelle for helping me learn!

Fun and educational

I LOVE this podcast so far! It’s like the “Ologies” for California ecology. I’ve learned so much and love hearing from experts from my own state. There is so much knowledge to glean about our natural world and I’m so grateful for this Michelle for helping me learn!