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Golden State Naturalist


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I am a certified California naturalist, and I heard about this podcast from someone on Facebook. I’m so glad I found it. Michelle does a great job. I really enjoyed the salmon and beaver episodes. And the one about Sutter Buttes! It’s all great! Looking forward to future episodes.

Golden Gate Naturalist

Have been listening since I heard about this podcast from my friend Briagha. As a docent with the Solano Land Trust with a special interest in lichen and oaks, I especially enjoyed the 4/28 Oaks episode. Besides learning so much from the interviews, I really enjoy Michelle’s interrupting them with google searches, etc. to further expound on the topic, as well as her personal asides!

The journey begins

I heard about you on FB in a Calif. native plant group, in addition to all of the spot on info from that group, THIS was so very needed! After watching a 45 minute video from Doug Tallamy, I’m sold on how even me with my tiny little patio and courtyard, I could make a difference. I’ve managed to witness 3 monarch butterflies emerge from the milkweed I have on my patio (I currently have 3 more in chrysalis), I have seen native TINY wasps, big bumble bees, birds foraging in my courtyard garden and I’m hooked! Anyways…this podcasts makes me happy, so very helpful, and affirming that I’m on the right track! Thank you!

Fun and educational

I LOVE this podcast so far! It’s like the “Ologies” for California ecology. I’ve learned so much and love hearing from experts from my own state. There is so much knowledge to glean about our natural world and I’m so grateful for Michelle for helping me learn!

Fun and educational

I LOVE this podcast so far! It’s like the “Ologies” for California ecology. I’ve learned so much and love hearing from experts from my own state. There is so much knowledge to glean about our natural world and I’m so grateful for this Michelle for helping me learn!

Nature lovers rejoice!

If you are interested in nature in the state of California, or anywhere for that matter, then you are going to love this podcast. The qenuine curiosity and enthusiasm of the host is truly infectious, and you will be delighted as she takes us all along on her quest to teach us about the many aspects of nature in the biologically, geologically, and geographically diverse state of California.

Just what I’ve been looking for!

Michelle, you’ve really done it. Wow! Wow! Wow! What a spectacular job you’ve done writing, producing, editing and promoting this incredibly well done and informative show! As someone that has gone through the California State Naturalist program myself, I understand and feel your excitement about the beauty and wonder of the amazing state we live in. The task you’ve undertaken is immense and very much appreciated. I love your genuine enthusiasm, honesty and ability to inform while not overwhelming. I hope to be your student forever and will share this treasure with many others! Kudos!!

Love this podcast already!

Wow!! I just heard your oak episode! So interesting and accessible for science knuckleheads like me. I wish all Californians would listen to this podcast to learn about the real natural California. Thanks so much!!

A great place to learn about California nature!

Only 4 episodes in and I’m totally looking forward to lots of future episodes!

Fun and informational!

As a former naturalist in CA, I love that this podcast exists! Michelle does a great job of finding interesting topics, while adding humor and fun to the mix. I also appreciate how she breaks up the episodes with her editorials along the way. Thanks Michelle!

Fun AND Informative

This is a delightful podcast. I love Michelle’s voice and curiosity. I love learning about natural history local to my area but she is covering information that would be interesting for everyone! Can’t wait for more

Great Introduction

I love the introduction to your new podcast. It’s great you laid out the schedule for on & off season. Im looking forward to each episode! 😊


I learned about ten new things within the first ten minutes! I’m already looking forward to upcoming episodes ❤️


So easy to listen to, so enjoyable, and so informative. Love it!

Can’t wait for more!

Just started listening and I’m already a fan. Format is easy going and it’s informative about local happenings. Just listened the the Salmon episode and learned a few things. 😍

SO Good!

One day I was sitting pondering all the amazing naturalists I know in the Sacramento area and thinking, “wouldn’t it be great if they were all featured in one place so more folks could share in their collective adventures and wisdom”, And POOF three days later, Michelle announced this podcast. Magic! AND the episodes are great. Michelle has fantastic interpretation skills herself and expands on ideas, gives extra info and resources in all the right places. I can’t wait to hear more from all around the state. Thank you for this wonderful podcast—it’s Golden ;)!!!


Awesome podcast!! So thankful to have someone doing this work, & sharing the wonderful findings with us:)

Everything you want in a podcast

Nothing is missing here! Lots of great information, interesting guests, and a voice I could listen to all day.

Cannot wait for more!

Such a fun way to learn about the world around us in this beautiful state! This podcast is easy to listen to, captivating, and so informational!

Satisfy Your Wonder!

Michelle grabs your imagination and holds it until she is through. The excitement in her voice draws you into her exploration. She digs deeply into the issues, allowing the listener to care deeply about her subject. I dare you to only listen to one!

So interesting!

I absolutely love learning new things and this podcast doesn’t disappoint! Thank you for all of your questions and insight! Loving this so much!!!

Love this!

What a great way to learn about our state! Michelle is a natural. I can’t wait to hear more!

Great Podcast on California’s geology

Such a wonderful, interesting and educational podcast! The host Michelle Fullner provides a vivid description of California’s natural landscapes and geology. Excited for more episodes!

Engaging, informative and fun to listen to!

This podcast is awesome if you love California and nature. I really appreciated the fact that Michelle makes these topics accessible for people who aren’t already knowledgeable about this type of science.

Discovering so much more about California!

Michelle has a contagious enthusiasm for learning, for the wild diversity of California, and for spreading the joy! I’m so excited to learn along with and from her.

Great energy and wonderful host

Nature isn’t usually a topic I’m always drawn to but I love the energy of this podcast. Great editing, insightful questions, and I love the sense that I’m really there during the interviews. This could be my new favorite podcast.

Loved it!

I’m very excited and looking forward to more of Michelle’s personal stories and learning more about our environment. What a great way to teach those of us who love the outdoors!

Enjoyed it

It was a great podcast with fun stories I really enjoyed listening to it.